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Anonymous asked:

Hi... uhm.. i saw your blog, and it is inspiring... i stopped self harming.. but replased a few days ago... any advice...?

Hey boo, I’m glad my blog could be of some help to you. First off, i want to congratulate you on having the strength to stop cutting in the first place. That’s HUGE and you should be very proud ♡

Now. A normal part of recovery is relapse.. It’s something that every one of us experiences at one point or another during recovery, and you shouldn’t feel ashamed of it when you do relapse. Sure, it’s not what we want to happen when we’re trying our hardest to get better, but it is definitely not something you should beat yourself up over. Just get back up, brush yourself off, and start again. Don’t give up! That’s the most important thing of all, don’t get discouraged and decide not to try anymore. Let’s say that, this last time you went for a week without self harming (i don’t know how long you actually went for). Then you relapse.. Next time, set the same goal for yourself. I mean, if you could go for a week once, you could do it again! Then after you get your goal down a few times without relapsing, set a new goal for yourself. Like, “I could go a whole week without hurting myself, so now I’m gonna try for 2 weeks”. Just keep doing that, and remember that it doesn’t matter how many times you relapse. All that matters, is that you’re trying.

Good luck lovely, you can do this, I believe in you ♡ I’m always here for you if you need me

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